The Portuguese team is the number one enemy

  • "Russian news" special invited to the Portuguese brokers Paul - Barbosa, comment on the team, but the same is the words of C Lo few places, the purpose is to add confidence to the Russian team. "The team is one of the top fairs of the Confederations Cup and will be the top spot for the group," said Barbosa. "The team's advantage is that the stars are clustering and the team is building a balanced and explosive force. The downside is that the players are in a state of fatigue. Experienced a long and tough season, many players have played more than 50, physical reserves worrying, such as C Luo and Pepe, they also hit the Champions League final in early June.
    "I think the two teams will be equally divided, both teams should qualify." Before the contest, the Russian media's biggest task is to master as much as possible opponents of the message, and For the Russian team and the people to bring more self-confidence. After all, fighting the national green field is not a lot of time to win the skills, their fighting spirit may play an incredible role in the contest.