Bayern 40 million fear to make way

  • Kutiniao not only for the first time in the Tide as avant-garde, but also for the first time wearing a captain armband, is the coach of the birthday of the preliminaries outstanding performance reward. "I did not give him the captain, but he won all of this, he was the technical leader on the pitch, is a professional player's behavior model, worthy captain armband." Kudiniao is self-modest : "We kicked team football, everyone shared responsibility, the World Cup one year, I hope to play on behalf of my country, there is no better than this feeling.
    In contrast, Douglas - Costa in the left to play unsatisfactory. The campaign is Bayern winger once more than once a year in the national team starting, the last time or last March Dunga era, World Cup match against Paraguay. And the club is similar to the Costa Rica in the national team did not find the state, as the Bundesliga King (nearly two seasons out of 148 times the first row of the Bundesliga), the campaign its repeated but repeatedly blocked, and even opponents directly from the foot After the staggered staggered fell to the ground, even if the Australian campaign to put out three guard formation, he can not break through the border to attract defense pull width, leading to the first half of the Brazilian attack stalled. Compared to the main force on the left front Neumar in the field when the great role, Costa is far from each other.
    Bayern joined two seasons, Costa only the first half of the season to play well, once led the Bundesliga assists list, but the last year and a half has been in a state of downturn, he and Coco Coco combination has long been a tasteless double group, so that Anchorage Lotti still have to be in the important tournament this season. Bayern has bought a younger Keman this summer, while the introduction of the main wing of the German international Gnaburi, is still actively contact Arsenal thigh Sanchez, there is a certain market value of the "dog left" is facing the fate of being sold. Juventus, Paris and Zenit are interested in Costa, Barcelona Liverpool Manchester City may also join the battle, the German "Bild" disclosure of Bayern psychological price of more than 40 million euros, the former miners mentor Luces library is recommended Coase Tower to Allegri: "If you ask me, I will recommend him to Juventus, he is a very strong tactical player, it is suitable for Serie A.