Loew: Confederations Cup only for the World Cup

  • The German team will once again appear in the Confederations Cup, in 1999, where the team in the event of Beckham fiasco, even the group did not qualify, this matter has been 18 years, and even even as a German team assistant coach, Klinsmann campaign in 2005 Confederations Cup, has also been 12 years ago. Now Loew has been in the German football has an unshakable position, and in his efforts to defend the Russian World Cup before, he needs to lead the journey to participate in the upcoming Confederations Cup. http://www.xfifa.com/
    The significance of the Confederations Cup has been the subject of discussion. Loew talked about his experience, in 2005 the local federation of the Federation Cup for the German team to help a lot, the young team is a good fusion, familiar with the feeling of the contest, understand the World Cup, logistics and more familiar with, "This is A very good attempt, the German domestic began to have a football boom, and now for Russia is also the case.The Russians are looking forward to the Confederations Cup, they are very enthusiastic about football, for us is also accumulated experience to understand the host a good opportunity, This may be helpful for us next year. "This time Loew chose a lot of young players, the lineup and last year's Confederations Cup has been very different, so Loew face a great challenge, need to implement their own football philosophy to the team. For many young internationals, this will be a new experience, will be different from the participation of the Bundesliga or the war in Europe, exposure will be different football ideas.