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  •  Cheap KD 9  debut in 1986 (is the classic pair of white red color), and then followed in 1987 and the sale of three color, namely white and black, black and white to help low and white low to help. In 2004, the first re-engraved on sale, and then appeared in the package in 2008, then sporadic out of a few color, look at the 2014 out of four new color is indeed the first time after 2004.It is worth mentioning that the first point is the design of the Air Jordan 2 of the two designers: Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore did not participate in any of an Air Jordan shoes design. At the same time with high and low to help select the Air Jordan 2 by everyone's pursuit, just as his predecessor Air Jordan 1 as.
    Latest Jordans 2017 is also a very interesting story, is the rumor, I do not know true and false can be considered an episode. That is when the first year after the sale of the Air Jordan 2 model was destroyed or stolen, so when 94-95 Nike decided to engraved Air Jordan 2 when they had to dissect the first year shoes and then re-modeling, sounds very interesting. There is Air Jordan 2 is the AJ series which the last use of "wings" as Peugeot's shoes.Air Jordan can be said that the first five generations of Air Jordan series of popular shoes inside, or that it is not so popular compared to 1 3 4 5 generation. More direct can be reflected in the price.
    Jordans For Cheap came back from injury is more brutal than before the injury, averaging 37.1 points won that season's scoring, but then there is no one scoring To achieve such a high degree, perhaps this season is Jordan's strongest personal attack fire a season.Similarly, when it comes to a pair of shoes, the inevitable question is who is the designer, Bruce Kilgore is the Air Jordan 2 designers, but just listen to the name must have a lot of people will feel strange, but it was he in 1982 designed Nike The history of one of the most important shoes - Nike Air Force 1, and then whether it is Air Jordan 1, or Nike Dunk, in their body we are not difficult to find Air Force figure, as such a legendary designer, he accepted The Air Jordan 2 design tasks.
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Cheap Air Jordan 2 (II)

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