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  •  Cheap KD 9 is on the 16th in their own social network on the news, said his work "Slam Dunk" will cooperate with the Air Jordan, launched the "10" commemorative edition shoes (Yingmuhuadao in Xiangbei is 10). "In the end, it's very exciting to see this shoe coming to life," said Inoue Takehiko, "Thank you Michael Jordan, that's love for the game."Not only that, Inoue Takehiko also affixed a red Air Jordan 6 generation shoes photos, shoes embroidered with "10" and Yingmuhuadao image. On the other side, Air Jordan is also very fit with the launch of a new shoes notice video, officially opened the cooperation between Jordan and Inoue Takehomata's mystery. Trailer, the looming in the dark Air Jordan 6 shoes kept flashing.
    Latest Jordans 2017  is actually a late cooperation. As early as 2008, "Slam Dunk" have the opportunity to "hand" Air Jordan, but because of the odd personality of two people, so that the drag on the drag of 6 years.Read "Slam Dunk" comic fans are aware of Inoue Takehiko in the comic book of many ideas are taken from the NBA, and Inoue I have a soft spot for Jordan.In 2008, Air Jordan Legacy series of shoes the last generation of products Air Jordan 23 listed, Jordan would like to promote in Japan. Taking into account Inoue Takehiko Yingmuhuadao in Japan's appeal, Jordan offered to cooperate with him, invited Inoue Takehiko in the upcoming new shoes on the painting "Slam Dunk" cartoons to seize the Asian market.
    Jordans For Cheap played for the Memphis Grizzlies JR Henderson is a "Slam Dunk" loyal fans. He joined the Japanese occupation league in 2001, and even the name changed to JR Sakuragi. It was wearing a "Sakuragi" jersey, he played in Japan, 7 times to become the league's All-Star players, and ultimately chose to represent Japan to play international competitions.As the "Slam Dunk" protagonist of the protagonist Yingmuhuadao, 7 won the rebounding king Dennis Rodman is in Japan has an unparalleled popularity. So that in 1997 Rodman's new book was published, due to the US response to mediocre, brokers recommended to sign the next day, the result was a great success.
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Cheap Air Jordan 6 (VI)

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