About IStud

       IStud is a Student collaboration and Mentoring Platform World Wide. It conducts Specialized Housing, Technology Seminars, Meetups and undertakes Proof of Concepts and Pilot Projects on cutting edge technologies. It starts mentoring activity right from student housing. It divides the students into groups basing on Technology (Programming, Big Data, Cloud, Networking, EEE, IT infra etc), Language and Food Habits. Istud leverages the power of Collaboration in the Following ways



Our Goals

 safety pic

Safety : There is no substitute to safety, IStud gives utmost importance to safety, IStud plans to group all the Desi Students at one place, so that they feel comfortable and safe, Generally it is not easy all the time to be in 100% safe locality. IStud picks up the safest locations for the accommodation. IStud try best to get Full building and make it available exclusive for Indians. There will be group Trips Planned to Indian Grocery, Temples, Films through Car pooling.





Technology Collaboration : Collaboration is power, IStud want to use the power of collaboration to excel in personal and Professional aspects. IStud try to join people together in what ever aspects it is possible so that they can enjoy the advantages of collaboration, We have various groups basing on area of interest like big data, programming etc, a group for Girls, a Group for veg/non-veg, each student can be in more than one group as per his interest, each group has a mailing lists and bogs where they can share their thoughts. There are Programmers Den, Data Plaza etc the accommodation buildings given names as per the area of interests, so that like minded people live together which creates synergy. We conduct meetups in various technology areas in which students and experts share their knowledge, we arrange seminars, webinars from major technology vendor companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cloudera etc.





Sharing : IStud creates environment which can share various aspects like Car Polling, Week-End trips to Desi grocery, Temples, Films etc.






Student Jobs /internships : IStud put together about the Student jobs/internships available around area.





Discounts : IStud Registered Students can have lot of Discounts in some Desi shops, Theaters, Training's etc.