Basic Terminology Used In Automation Testing (SELENIUM)

Basic Terminology Used In Automation Testing (SELENIUM)

Before we go into Selenium, let’s look at some of the basic terminology used in automation testing. Before a software product’s released to the market, test engineers work with great effort to make the best product. Automation testing is the most efficient, effective, and broad way to improve the speed, efficacy, and range of your testing. 

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Testing by Automation

As a result, detailed test reports of the system under test are generated.

On an application, automation testing includes both functional and performance tests.

  • The term “functional automation” refers to automating functional test cases. Regression tests, for example, are automated because they are repetitive.
  • Non-functional performance test cases are automated using performance automation. For example, testing the application’s response time under heavy need (say, 100 users).

Functional automation testing tools:

  • HP’s Quick Test Professional software.
  • IBM provided the Rational Robot.
  • Microsoft offered a coded user interface.
  • Selenium is an open-source project.
  • Auto It is an open-source project.

Automation Non-functional automated testing tools:

  • HP provided the Load Runner.
  • Apache provides JMeter.
  • PortSwigger provides Burp Suite.
  • Acunetix is a service offered by Acunetix.

Why Should You Use Automated Testing?

  • Automation testing is often used to help with reversal testing.
  • Ten fields in a single column
  • It allows for infinite test point execution iterations.
  • It gives test cases with disciplined audio.
  • A personalized form of issues is generated by an automatic check.
  • When likened to manual testing, automated testing is less inclined to errors.

Web Application Testing Automation

Companies and institutions have various testing methods for web-based apps. Test automation is regularly becoming a need for software projects in a period of highly interactive and responsive result methods when many firms use some sort of elegant method. To learn about the selenium web application testing enroll in Selenium Training in Gurgaon.

The best web testing automation tool

  • Katalon Studio is a creative studio based in Katalon, Greece Selenium and Katalon Studio are both consistent with Katalon Studio.
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • Unified Functional Testing by HPE (UFT)
  • SoapUI
  • TestComplete

Test Automation Pyramid

Test Automation Pyramid


We have enhanced it by improving our knowledge of the Basic terminology of Selenium. Selenium is one of the best tools for automating testing for developers. As a result, the need for Selenium Web Testers is increasing, and it will continue to overgrow in the future. To improve your skills in Selenium, Join Selenium Training in Mumbai. Also read Selenium Tools.

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