Does A Sports Massage Boost Your Game Performance?

Every sunrise is a new opportunity. Grab that opportunity by waking up early in the morning. Every sports person works hard for their dream by starting their practice in the morning. While doing practice, you face many challenges like physical pain, mental pressure, and so on. If you didn’t take care of these things, it might reflect in your game performance. Massages can help you in this case, by relieving you from physical and mental pain. If you are planning to get a sports Massage in Velachery then get into the Le Bliss Spa. Improve your game by getting this massage.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is somewhat different from other massages which help the sportspeople to improve the game and maintain their body healthy. The techniques involved in this massage are specially designed for sportspeople and they are effleurage, wringing, kneading, hacking, and trigger points. This massage is not only for sportspeople, but it can also be suggested for people who have muscle mobilization. The types of sports massage are – light massage and deep massage. If you are going to participate in an upcoming event then you can go with a light massage because in this massage the therapist won’t use high pressure and any strong techniques.

If you have a problem in between the practice session or after the event, then you can go with a deep massage. The high pressure and strokes used in this massage will change the alignment of the tissue in the muscle, muscle memory, and try to avoid this massage before participating in a big event. If you are a sportsperson, taking this massage regularly will help in achieving your dream with endurance and dedication. Book your regular massage schedule at the best Massage Centre in Anna Nagar

Techniques used in sports massage

As you know sports massage is related more to muscle and joints. The sports massage techniques show more impact in treating these regions.

Effleurage- This is one of the most important techniques that is practiced in many massages. The sports massage therapist will start the massage with this technique to give a warm-up to the body muscles. In this technique, the expert will give a soothing massage with warm oil. This will give you a calming, relaxing, and refreshing feel. It also helps in good blood circulation and the lymphatic system. 

Kneading- This is the second technique that is performed in athletic sports massage. During kneading the expert will lift and squeeze the muscles. This act brings out the old blood and toxins from the muscles and fills the muscles with fresh blood and oxygen. When the expert increases the speed of kneading, the blood circulation will also be high. The kneading techniques help with the removal of toxins from the muscles and muscle mobilization.

Wringing- It is nothing but manipulating the side of the tissue to side using the hands. During the kneading technique, the blood circulation, oxygen supply, and nutrient supply to the tissues are increased. This wringing will help in increasing muscle flexibility and extendability. During manipulating the tissue the muscle tension is released, treats tight muscles, and removes knots in the large muscles. 

Hacking- It is a quick, light movement that is done with the side of the hands. As the wrists move up and down, the fingers make contact with the skin. The therapist will use the border of the hands-on skin in a firm and hard manner. Hacking is a technique to treat stiff and weary muscles.

Trigger pointing- It is nothing but giving pressure on the trigger points and treating the muscle knots, tightness and inflammation. Sometimes if there is a blockage in the trigger point it may lead to many health issues. Pressuring these points will give you a good functioning of internal organs and supply more fresh blood to the muscles. The expert will give pressure on these trigger points which will remove all the blockages in your central nervous system. 

Benefits of sports massage

Increase flexibility 

Muscle flexibility is the most important thing for an athlete or for a sportsperson. When you do over-practice your muscles may become rigid and filled with tension. A perfect sports massage will give you relaxed muscle, good mental concentration and improve your game performance.

Fast recovery from injuries

A heavy practice or an accident can give you muscle and bone injury. When there is a lack of blood flow can result in a critical state. So, a good blood flow to the muscle is a mandatory one for faster recovery of the injury. In this case, therapeutic sports massage helps you by increasing the blood flow and also oxygen supply to the muscles and the bones. Even the doctors are recommending this massage for faster recovery of injuries. 

Relief stress

When we are stressed or in any tension we can’t think or focus. Our body gets tired easily when we feel stress. The high secretion of the stress hormone in our body will decrease our concentration power and that may affect our game. Sports massage can help you in decreasing these stress hormones and promotes the secretion of happy hormones which will give you a relaxed feel. So that you can focus more on your game. Get relief from your stress by entering the professional Spa in Chennai and get a delightful feel.

Treats muscle soreness

If you exercise or overdo physical activities then you will feel soreness the very next day. Muscle soreness is nothing but the tiredness of the muscle. This may result in muscle knots, terrible pain, and inflammation which can affect your game. The stretching in the sports massage removes all the toxins from the muscle and fills the tissues with fresh blood. This can reduce muscle pain and muscle soreness. 

Improves performance

Though you practice well, you need a high concentration during your game. This is what most sportspeople lack. To win a game you need to focus on both practice sessions and mental concentration. Sports massage will relax both your body and mind. The techniques in this massage are specially designed for treating the muscle issue and to increase your concentration.

How often should I get a sports massage?

You can get this massage as per your need. It is purely based on your game performance and the sport you play. Mostly, a professional sportsperson will get a massage two to three times a week. If you are an athlete, getting a massage once a week will help you improve your game. 

Now, you have clarity about what is sports massage therapy, techniques, and its benefits. Get a professional sports massage at Le Bliss Spa which is the best Massage Centre in Chennai. They offer you many kinds of massage services. To boost up your performance book your sports massage appointment now!.  

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