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Is PHP Knowledge Still Important?

Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mailchimp, Tumblr, Flickr, iStockphoto, Digg, and Baidu.  Do you wonder why random applications have been mentioned here? There is a valid reason. These are the famous applications developed using PHP as the main technology. But do you think that PHP will still be used in 2021 with increased new entrants in the market? Let’s read more to find out.

Before that, let’s know What is PHP and What is PHP used for?

PHP is the back acronym for HyperText Preprocessor, earlier called Personal Home Pages, is a server-side scripting language for developing Static as well as Dynamic websites and web applications.

PHP is used in small as well as large industry projects given the added advantage of being an open-source scripting language.

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How PHP Knowledge is Important in 2021?

1. It is the Web Development Language

PHP is one of the top five languages in 2021 that is used for web development and that says how important the PHP language is. PHP still supports many complex databases like MySQL, Maria DB, Db2, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite for effective database management. As websites are the revenue-generating factor for many digital businesses PHP offers good features to websites that can scale and provide agile performance. The PHP Future Scope will be still relevant in the coming years.

2. It is a Cross-Platform Language

It is the biggest advantage a Language can provide if it is being a Cross-platform language which means there is no need to write separate codes for each software and platform. PHP being one of the cross-platform languages is used in developing web applications for many different platforms like Windows to UNIX and Linux to macOS and even supports many servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet, Caudium, Xitami, Tornado, etc. This says that PHP is one of the flexible languages that a programmer loves to work with.

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3. It is the Easiest Language to Learn

Yes, PHP is one of the easiest server-side languages to learn. It is a language for beginners who want to make it to the IT industry and can start by mastering this language. It is a simple yet powerful technology that can be utilized for diverse applications from small projects to big ones. To quote an example, WordPress is one of the most valuable applications built using PHP. WordPress is still used by small to large companies who want to push their content as their main product. The application has many users and it is their go-to application if they want to display huge content with neat features. PHP is that powerful yet simple. Moreover, the language occupies less space and it is easy to maintain.

4. It is an Open-source Language

PHP is still an Open-source language ever since it was launched in 1994. It means anyone can learn and benefit from it at any time. A beginner can learn just the basics to build a dynamic web page in a couple of days. It is free, it is simple but it can create scalable and engaging applications.

5. Huge Developer Community

PHP is the third largest community in Stackoverflow and in the fifth position at Meetup community and fifth most popular language at Github. This predominantly says that the Language has a huge community with more programmers still learning and working in PHP.

6. Frameworks

PHP has amazing frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laminas Project, Phalcon, CakePHP, Yii, FuelPHP to support web development. Each framework has unique specifications like elegant syntax, a broad set of components, built-in testing functionality, etc to save time and cut down the number of original codes to be written. 


Besides the above-said factors, PHP possesses more features and benefits to provide to the programmers. Some of its unique features are flexibility, scalability, simplicity, efficiency, database support, server support and benefits include performance, platform independence, security, cost-efficient, custom development, etc. Therefore the Future of PHP is so bright and is still relevant and having PHP knowledge is equally important in this digital world. The PHP Course Or PHP Technology offers maximum benefits in web development and being one of the top languages in the same domain will certainly enhance one’s career to a brightening future. For students in Bangalore can make use of the PHP Course in Bangalore to study this popular technology and build their careers.

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